Tropical Getaways Where You Can Contribute To a Good Cause


There are plenty of great places in the tropics worth heading out to. Many of these places include ones where you can contribute to some worthwhile and important causes relating to the environment, wildlife and the people who live in many of these poor places.

These are getaways where you can participate in great volunteer activities to improve the lives of people in many poor spots. These are enjoyable in that you can certainly have fun in a unique part of the world while making a true difference.

Help the Waters in Borneo

Borneo is a beautiful tropical island near Malaysia that has its own beautiful culture and plenty of nice spots for relaxation. You can come out to this part of the world to help with replanting coral reef bodies around different parts of the island. This will help to restore sea life and natural habitats in spots where bomb fishing has taken a dramatic toll and harm the natural ecosystems in the area.

Support Forests in Belize

Belize is a vibrant English-speaking country in Central America that has a number of impressive forests. While traveling out in Belize, you can assist in helping to plant trees and restore forests. You can also learn more about building shelters while helping people in the country with establishing new homes. This is especially great for helping those in the country who are poor and may otherwise not have homes to get into.

Help Sea Life In the Seychelles

The Seychelles are beautiful for being right in an unspoiled part of the Indian Ocean. The sea life in this great land has been suffering from problems relating to coral reefs wearing out and some parts of natural underwater ecosystems being hurt by monsoons and other extremes. A great activity to engage in while here entails restoring old underwater habitats, transporting sea life into different areas that they may thrive in and improving how coral reef plants are grown. This is to help with creating a better and more conducive environment for many fish and other forms of wildlife out here.

Build Homes In Brazil

While Brazil has many amazing forests, beaches and rivers to explore, the country has a number of different problems relating to housing. Many people are living in conditions where their homes are improperly built. Some people don’t have working power or clean water in their homes. A great activity to enjoy while in Brazil is to help with building an assortment of great homes for people who need help and to restore utilities around many of the poorest regions of Brazil.

Restore Villages In Guatemala

While the nice jungles and sandy beaches in Guatemala are great places to visit, you can always help the people in the country while staying there. In Guatemala, you can help with building homes and improving how different settlements are powered. A unique part of restoring villages in Guatemala entails building bicimaquinas. These are machines powered by pedaling and work to get water pumps, threshers and other items running. You can assist in making a variety of these great machines to help communities with restoring their functions and getting the energy they require.


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